Fear or Fearless

The theme for this post is FEAR OR FEARLESS – where do you operate / work / live from – is it a state of fear or fearless?

Let me start by getting you to think about that question – where do you live your life from – fear or fearless?  What do these two terms mean to you?

The key to being fearless, from a coaching perspective, is developing a huge amount of compassion with ourselves and developing a strong love for ourselves – even when we ‘screw up’.

We all have our inner critic….. what does yours say?  The place to start is to find out what your inner critic is – is to look at the qualities of those people close to you that drive you crazy.  Our inner critic comes in when we fear making mistakes.  However, we all make incredibly stupid mistakes.  When we operate from a place of fear, we lose out power and go into a downward spiral.  To start being fearless, it is really important to develop a great relationship with yourself.  Practice basic self care.  By this I mean eating well, drinking sufficient water (minimum of 2 litres/day) just to name a few (for more information on basic self care, see my next issue of Finding Your Personal Power.)

The more you have a strong sense of you – you will start believing in your own intuition.  In response to your inner critic, develop a strong ally with it.  What message is it trying to give you?

It is also important to develop internal boundaries – like a glass jar – which filter information so you do not necessary have to take the criticism in.

My challenge for you: Err at playing big for a day!!!

My stretch challenge: Do the above for the next week and let me know the amazing results you achieve.

Final thoughts: “life is a mystery to live with ….. not a problem to solve”  ANON


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