Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is a client-focused service that assumes the individual is healthy, powerful and able to achieve their relationship goals with effective support, information and guidance. The key to a successful life partnership is being clear on what you want and make effective choices to help you get what you want. In a relationship, there may be solvable and unsolvable problems. Unsolvable problems result in failed relationships but this can possibly be prevented or overcome with Relationship Coaching. Finding someone to be with, in a relationship does not have to be difficult!

What do you want?

  • To know why your previous relationships have failed?
  • To know how to find your life partner?
  • To know if this relationship is right for you?
  • To know if you are ready for a committed relationship
  • Not to waste time with someone who is not right for you
  • To date people that are right for me (and not the usual ones who always seems to be wrong!)

My relationship program will help you finally find the happiness you dream about. Specifically, my relationship program covers:

  • Why ‘dating’ does not work
  • Being single is an opportunity, not a disease
  • How to boost your self confidence
  • Solid strategies to “be the Chooser’
  • How to prepare yourself for the one you want
  • Dissolve fears of missing out on love

I invite you to STOP doing what you have always done and invest in yourself to find the love your life and the life that you love and call
Michelle on 0413 332612 to start your program today.


Do you fall for any of the common dating traps?
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