I nearly cancelled my life coaching sessions with Michelle……I was feeling so negative about my situation. 60 minutes with Michelle, and an action plan later, I realised I was in control of my issues and I no longer felt like a victim. 2 weeks later I have met some goals, set some new ones, and I am energised, focussed, and happy. I have a new job, new car, and I am on the way to establishing a new work / life balance. I feel genuinely optimistic about the future. Michelle’s motto is truly accurate:
“Achieving starts with believing……”
Anon JS, Project Manager,
Melbourne Australia

Michelle’s coaching is really good – she has got me galvanised into taking specific action to improve my chances of getting a better job. Michelle has helped me attain job interviews for promotion and improved my interview technique. It’s important to focus on the action you intend to take after your discussion with your coach.
Simon – Banker, Bank of Scotland UK

Michelle’s coaching has assisted in getting me motivated and inspired. Thanks
Anon – Business Manager, USA

With Michelle’s coaching, I have developed new strategies and changed the direction of my life. In addition, I have gained more information and been more motivated to do something.
Peter C. – Brisbane, Qld

Michelle provides me the support so I can have more focus on what I NEED to do and also what I WANT to do. She provides the chance to reflect and also the chance to vent.
Chris Felstead, Chief Information Office GE Capital, Melbourne Australia

Working with Michelle has given me a better understanding of goal settings and needing time out.
DJ, Corporate employee Melbourne Australia

Thanks so much for the coaching Michelle. The sessions really helped me to find out what I want, set the goals and also achieve them. A very real result of your work and tips is the fact that I found out I can get divorced here in Australia, which will save me a lot of money (Estimated around $10,000). So, thank you again for that and for being a great help in setting my new life here in Australia..
Heike . Businee Owner- Melbourne, Australia

My coach, Michelle, was fantastic. The process was very well laid out and all discussions were really useful._ Relationship coaching helped me to think about things differently. To set useful goals and to learn about myself.

Clare, physiotherapist – Sydney, NSW

I have got clearer about my goals and have made progress on putting them into action. I have now got some regular cash coming in so am progressing to a more stable financial situation. I have stretched myself and so am gaining confidence in other areas of my life. I feel more organised and focused.

I have really enjoyed the coaching. I find it stimulating and productive and also takes a weight off my mind, knowing I have someone to check in with each week. I have also found that I now do things, rather than putting them off, because I am accountable to someone.

Tina Sederholm, author, Oxford UK

I’m just so happy because I feel like I’m moving forward. I have a great life and it’s going to get better. I also find I take care of more things on my own coz I don’t want to bore my coach with my old problems – hence I am so less bogged down.
Kiran Alphonso. Melbourne Australia

…………….Through my coaching with Michelle, I have achieved many things that I would not have been motivated to do previously. I have been more conscious to exercise, when I would have found excuses in the past. What I have got from the coaching relationship is that……………….it is good to bounce ideas and get focus and direction.
Jodie D, Small Business Owner, Melbourne